Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater Jigging

Bet casting is a guardian for throwing sandbags and flags. These rules can handle a large capacity of lines ranging from 15 to 20-pound tests. These reels are made corrosion resistant to salt highly.

Reels use a drag system to adjust tension.

Their length varies from 5ft to over 7ft. It has a springy tip.

Choosing the better Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater Jigging is still a challenge for anglers. It requires mastery and skill, but the reward is much more when you get a significant spike.

Below are six different types of baitcasting reels used for saltwater jigging


  • Model
  • Inches per Crank
  • Gear Ratio
  • Braid Line Capacity
  • Max Drag
  • Bearings
  • Weight (Ounces)

1. Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

  • 30
  • 7.3-to-1
  • 180 yards of 30-pound
  • 24
  • 6+1
  • 7.9
  • $250

2. Daiwa Coastal TWS 200

  • 32.2
  • 7.3-to-1
  • 190 yards of 40-pound
  • 15.4
  • 7+1
  • 8.1
  • $230

3. *Okuma Komodo SS KDS-463

  • 33.5
  • 6.3-to-1
  • 230 yards of 50-pound
  • 30
  • 7+1
  • 15.9
  • $250

4. *Quantum Smoke S3

  • 36
  • 5.1-to-1
  • 210 yards of 30-pound
  • 25
  • 10+1
  • 6.9
  • $170

5. *Shimano Chronarch G

  • 30
  • 7.1-to-1
  • 135 yards of 30-pound
  • 11
  • 8+1
  • 6.5
  • $280

6. *13 Fishing Concept TX8.1

  • 32
  • 6.6-to-1
  • 200 yards of 20-pound
  • 25
  • 10
  • 5.9
  • $300

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

Abu Garcia Revo Inshore Low Profile

It offers a wide range of adjustments with the improvised centrifugal braking system.

It uses high-performance corrosion resistance bearings. The drag system can easily carry weight up to 24 pounds.

The standard drag washers increase durability. The C6 gives essential weight reduction.

The oversize knob adds additional crank power.

Daiwa Coastal TWS 200

Daiwa Coastal TWS 200

T wing system is incorporated in Daiwa coastal. This T system prevents line friction. Corrosion-resistant ball bearings, aluminum frame, and spool help fight salt water. It has a 100 mm long handle knob provides leverage when cranking. It offers 35 percent more line capacity.

Okuma Komodo SS KDS-463

Okuma Komodo SS KDS-463

The comodo model works best for the bass, yellowtail, tuna, snook, and redfish. The SS in the model stands for stainless steel. Its features include an aluminum spool, frame, and plates. The level wind travels forth and back when you cast the guide. The manufacturers explicitly designed its design to increase durability.

Quantum Smoke S3

Quantum Smoke S3

Quantum finagled an a35.5 mm spool, when the average spool size is 32 to 34 mm, into a compact frame to give fillers with increased line capacity, longer casts, and further elevation of line volley with the new Quantum Bank Series 3 (S3). To cover against swabs, the company employed decoration aluminum swab-guard multilayer erosion protection and anti-­corrosion comportments. A unique PT thumb bar also sports a special coating to help erosion and list.

“Our cast-control retardation system minimizes the energy it takes to get the spool spinning on a cast, along with fresh thickets that liberate around 000 rpm to maximize distance,” says Littau.

Sixteen different cast-control adaptations are available on an easy-to-see external dial.

Shimano Chronarch G

Shimano Chronarch G

The Chronarch G baitcaster was erected with Texas wade-anglers in mind and is meant to attack redfish, freckled trout, and other nearshore species in close- diggings conditions.

This Chronarch G model is ­saltwater safe, says Shimano’s John Mazurkiewicz, with a recently incorporated erosion-resistant spool, a commodity that wasn’t available on once Chronarch models.

Essential features include micromodule guiding, a gearing system with small, precise teeth that produce smooth engagement and effectiveness. AnX-Ship pinion- gear support maintains precise alignment with the gear drive for important retrieves under heavy loads. Incipiently, the SVS perpetuity thickets are telephoned for better cast control, spool control, and boscage force.

13 Fishing Concept TX8.1

13 Fishing Concept TX8.1

The 13 Fishing Concept TX series baitcasters are explicitly made for saltwater use.

“It’s not the design that makes rolls saltwater specific, but the quality of accouterments and protection processes,” says Matt Baldwin, product-development director of 13 Fishing. “Our saltwater-specific rolls feature Ocean Armor 2 on aluminum frames, erosion-resistant comportments throughout the roll, and attention to accouterments on the small corridor that could be affected by the harsh saltwater terrain.”

Gear rates are essential to the trawler, and Baldwin has noticed a trend toward advanced-speed rolls.

“I suggest, if battling inshore species with live bait, buy an a6.6- to- one roll,” he says. However, 7, “If you work a lot of artificialbaits.3- to- 1 is the sweet spot in our lineup.” 13 Fishing offers specialty TX rolls in three gear rates.

Untuk Jigging (Baitcasting Reel for Saltwater Jigging)

Baitcasting reels are fumbling reels designed for casting ways. Casting is done by constantly throwing and pulling the bait attached to the string until the fish eat it. This outfit has been used for lure casting, suds casting, to fishing competitions. You’re looking for a good product.

This time we will explain how to choose the stylish baitcasting roll and recommend products from colorful brands. You will find Shimano, Daiwa, and other products.

You can not change the baitcasting roll handle design. So, choose a baitcasting roll with a string winding handle on the side of the hand that the handle will use to operate the handle. Thus, determine the hand size used to operate the string winder handle.

Still, if you use your dominant hand to hold the rod, you will not feel too tired when you have to hold it for a long time. Still, the your-dominant hand is needed to rotate the handle, so it takes practice to get used to it.

We recommend a baitcasting roll with the handle on the dominant hand if you want to pull the strings sluggishly. For illustration, use a baitcasting roll with a handle on the left if your right hand is dominant. While, the position of the handle isn’t necessary if the strings can move on their own due to wind or live bait, similar to worms.

In choosing a baitcasting roll, choose brands that formerly have a good character. There are presently three famous brands in the fishing world. Those who like fishing are no foreigners to the brands below. Still, if you don’t understand, read the following explanation of the characteristics of each of these brands.

Abu Garcia Saltwater Baitcaster

Abu Garcia’s baitcasting rolls are a Swedish brand and have been in the product over 100 times. The product has a lightweight and is made of solid accouterments. This bc roll also has a retardation system that can control the gyration of the spool from the outside.

Newcomers can fluently use this baitcasting reel because of its small size. In addition, the product is also suitable for minimizing the involved fishing line in the spool. Still, this brand doesn’t have a wide selection of retarding systems( drag system), making it delicate for professional fillers to use.

Daiwa Saltwater Baitcaster

Daiwa’s baitcasting rolls are famous because they’re so easy to use that they’re suitable for anyone, including newcomers. This brand is recommended for those who frequently throw the bait far down. Still, this product is occasionally delicate to install on the rod because it has a too simple design.

One of the popular products from Daiwa is MegaBass. This product has an excellent design that can give satisfaction when fishing. The MegaBass variant is still hard to find in the Indonesian business.

Shimano Saltwater Baitcaster

Shimano is a trendy Japanese brand producing bike gear. This brand adopts bike gear technology in its baitcasting reel products. With a digital retardation system on high-end models, you do not have to worry about tangling the fishing line.

Still, high-end products from Shimano are generally heavier than other brands. However, weight, and comfort in throwing a pass, If you want gear delicacy.

With the development of the world of fishing, now you can feel the able technology. The three leading brands offer numerous product variants for neophyte and professional fillers.

Final Words

Have you decided on a good baitcasting roll that fits your requirements? Before buying a baitcasting roll, you should know the weight of the fish bait and the side of the handle on the role that handles will use.

In addition, don’t forget to acclimate to the budget you have. Fishing is a game that requires finances, especially costs of outfit and accommodation. Thus, choose the baitcasting reel you want wisely.

If you are facing problems while fishing, then read out the article on this link.


Q#1: Which reels are best for saltwater fishing?

Ans: Choosing the best baitcasting reel for saltwater is still challenging for anglers. It requires mastery and skill, but the reward is much more when you get a significant spike.

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