Should I Use Baitcasting Reel Right or Left (2023 Guide)

When we discuss baitcasting reels, does its left or proper spin matter? Traditionally right-hand versions were used when you had to switch your hands. Now, with advancements in modern technology, left-hand reel versions are also manufactured. So you don’t have to panic about Baitcasting Reel Right or Left.

Until the last few years, only right-handed baitcasters were manufactured. While casting with the right-hand handle, you need to switch your hand to the dominant hand. It is annoying and seems complicated, but it becomes easiest once you are used to it. When you asked old anglers, they told you nothing is relatively easy and quick than this. But it’s hard to use a right-handed reel with hand switching if you are novices.

Traditional right-handed reels are most suitable for left-handed people as they don’t need to switch hands. They don’t need to cast with their non-dominant hand.

But today, left-handed reels are more common than right-handed. Their handle is on their left side. So right-handed anglers can easily cast with their left hand and then reel with their left hand.

You should never forget if you are left-handed, you must use a right-handed reel and vice versa.

Does Handedness Matter While Casting a Baitcasting Reel Right or Left

You want to cast farther as it increases the chance of catching large fish. To cast farther, all you need is to tune your reel, which has nothing to do with handedness.

Just follow these steps:

  • Clean the rod
  • Make it oil-free
  • Replace it with oil
  • Clean ball bearings
  • Dry the ball bearings.

Once you have followed these, you will notice that the line spool is increased and fits to handle.

Use larger rods as they produce more rod tips than shorter rods.

Try a shock leader. It is a few feet longer than the rod, absorbs initial force, and decreases the risk of the lure breaking off.

The only thing that deals with handedness is how you hold the rod. At the same time, casting puts our dominant hand over the non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, place your right hand above, and if you are left-handed, put your left hand above and vice versa.


Once I was stuck in an argument with my partner about which baitcaster was best. He said that left-handed baitcasters are better than right-handed, but I have been using right-handed for the last few years, so I have mastered it. We are both stuck. In the argument, he said it seems awkward to cast with one hand, lure with the other, and then catch with the right hand. It looks pretty tough. But I was in favor of right-handed reels. He took me to the lake and gave me a left-handed baitcaster to cast my lure.

I am using baitcaster for the first time and have never used it before. Strange considering it, but I cast my reel with my left hand. But it was interesting that left-hand reels give more accuracy over others.

Baitcasting Reel Repair

Baitcasting Reel Repair
  • Baitcasting reels are better than spinning wheels in both fresh and salt water. Different companies manufacture this type of fishing reel.
  • It remains faultless for months but needs maintenance when its spool gets slower.
  • Clean the spool with a cloth and with some soapy water if it is needed. Clean all the dirt and debris present in the spool line.
  • Open the slide or release the side panel to disengage spool fixing. Examine all its parts and if there were some cranks or wears you would replace it with new features.
  • Get rid of all the dust from the visible parts related to spool operation with a brush.
  • Oil the undamaged parts that are called oils.
  • Next, take out the handles for examination and cleaning. Lubricate hand slots.
  • Get access to the inside of the reels. Remove grease from internal parts. Abearplly oil on different roles as needed. Unscrew the reel with the help of a screwdriver
  • Parts that need regular oiling:
  • Bearing in spool
  • Spools axis inside driver pinion
  • The metal disk at the friction brake
  • Sliding parts and non-spool bearings


  1. Do not apply heavy force if some parts don’t get loose
  2. If your reel is having a hard time, check the manufacturer’s user manual.
  3. Examining the spool can tell about serious problems.
  4. Protect your eyes and hand from oil and grease.
  5. Avoid prolonged contact with your hands.

Baitcasting Reel Round

Baitcasting Reel Round

Round baitcasting reels are primarily used for salt water and fresh water fishing. It is also used for targeting larger fishes in water like salmon, catfish, and muskie.

  • The reason behind it has a large round spool and line capacity as compared to low-profile bait casters.
  • The large spool size is also suitable for casting long distances.
  • These reels are built for power, but the retrieve rate is slower.
  • It gives you maximum drag power as compared to low-profile bait casters.
  • It is highly efficient for surf fishing and casting long distances.

Their ergonomic design is most durable than other reels. With a lightweight body, they can withstand years of salt water conditions without replacement.

They are low priced because their design is simple and super light.


Q1: Which Parts of the Reel Need Lubrication?

Ans: Bearing in the spool, Spools axis inside driver pinion, The metal disk at the friction brake, Sliding parts and non-spool bearings

Q2: Why Do Reel Parts Need to Be Maintained or Replaced?

Ans: Everything needs maintenance after time for its proper working. When dust or debris gets stuck in reel parts, you must remove it for the appropriate functioning of the reel.

Q3: Why Left-Handed Reels Are More Common Today?

Ans: They reduce the risk of backlash. You don’t need to switch your hands while casting.


Handedness does not matter in the compelling cast, but it is related to your comfort and easiness. Left-handed baitcasters are best as they lessen the risk of backlash and give you a better casting experience. Another important thing I want to tell you is that it is better than right-handed bait casters buying a left-handed reel and vice versa.

All the reels want maintenance after a few months or years. You must think your revolution needs to care if your spool line is getting slower. To maintain or repair them occasionally when needed.

It would be best if you preferred round reels over spinning wheel or low profile reels as they have high gear ratios and extensive spool line.

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