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9 Best baitcasting reel for saltwater | 2023 Review |

Best baitcasting reel for saltwater is a guardian for throwing baits and lures. These reels can handle a large capacity of lines ranging from 15 to 20-pound tests. These reels are made corrosion resistant to salt highly.

Reels use a drag system to adjust tension. Their length varies from 5ft to over 7ft. It has a springy tip.

Choosing the better baitcasting reel for saltwater is still a challenge for anglers. It requires mastery and skill, but the reward is much more when you get a significant spike.

Times of fresh and saltwater fishing introduced me to some of the best saltwater baitcasting reels that not only helped me catch a significant quantum of the fish but also caught the new and more significant-sized fish.

Thanks to the mix of features they offer. Significantly, these saltwater reels are emotional for their featherlight design and durable construction. Baitcasting reels will give you peerless power, effectiveness, and perfection.

Yet, also, it’s time to try baitcasting If you have tried a number of the reels and retain considerable moxie in casting reels. If you’re confused about which baitcasting reel to prefer over others available on the request, don’t worry because we’re then with the top-notch reels offering you an excellent range of features.

Why prefer A Best Baitcasting reel For Saltwater Fishing?

Selecting to use a baitcasting reel for saltwater fishing is the best idea.

Baitcasting reels are more correct and durable, have further twiddling power, and are designed for the more significant types of fish you might encounter when saltwater fishing.

For delicacy, the baitcasting reel uses a combination of spool pressure and its internal retardation system to give you complete control over your casting.

Man saltwater fishing for cod

By confirming the spool pressure and the internal retardation system, the baitcasting reel also allows for casting great distances.

Both increased delicacy and distance are significant advantages you should consider for saltwater fishing.

For twiddling power, the baitcasting reel has an excellent drag setting system that you can fluently acclimate for the weight and size of the fish you’re going later.

For continuity, baitcasting reels were erected to handle saltwater conditions and retain sharp-free corridors and accouterments.

Baitcasting reels also are designed with heavier-duty accouterments and can take much further abuse over time than spinning or spin-cast reels.

One last benefit of using a baitcasting reel is the spool’s capacity. For saltwater fishing, you’ll need a critical heavier pound test for your fishing line and a lot of it.

Saltwater fishing will have you fumbling for more significant types of fish at lesser depths. It requires a spool designed to hold the heavy line and overhead to 230- yards or further of it.

When shopping for a new baitcasting reel, consider what type of fish you’re going later and what line capacity your spool will need to enable you to go after these types of fish.

In fact, in addition to line capacity, there are several factors you should consider before copping

a new baitcasting reel.

Once you determine what type of fish you’re going later, it’s time to consider factors like the retardation system, gear rate, drag power, recoup rate, and material types, among other effects.

Let us take a near look at all the different factors you should consider before copping a new baitcasting reel.


10 Best Baitcasting Reel for Bass Fishing

8 Best Baitcasting Reel for Beginners

Top 9 baitcasting reel for saltwater:

1.Editor’s Choice for Inshore – Shimano Curado K CU200K

Shimano Curado K BaitCaster Reel

Shimano Curado K BaitCaster Reel:

  • Weight: 10.6 Ounces 
  • Orientation: Right Hand
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel 
  • Gear Ratio: 7.4:1 | Size: 200 Right
  • Ratings: 4.7/5.0 

Anyone who has spent significant time casting has presumably seen a Shimano reel. We’ve been casting with them for decades, returning to the Shimano Green Bantam, one of our favorite reels. The Curado is a model that lives up to the brand’s character for quality. This reel is easy to watch for, easy to acclimate to, and also happens to be significantly more precious than the utmost of the upper-position pro fishing reels. Some people might compare it to the Abu Garcia REVO STX, but in our opinion, the Curado is a bit smoother and not relatively as ” clicky. “

The Shimano Curado relatively conceivably has the smoothest drag in this price range. Like other Shimano reels, there’s still a slight chance of some ball-bearing rust over time, but the overall stability and smoothness further make up for it.


  • Super-smooth drag
  • An excellent deal for the price


  • Micromodule needs frequent lubrication to help seizing and rust

2.Stylish Low Gear rate – Abu Garcia REVO STX

Abu Garcia REVO STX Baitcaster Reel

Abu Garcia REVO STX Baitcaster Reel:

  • Weight: 6.7 oz
  • Gear Ratio: 7.31
  • HAND exposure: Right/ Left
  • Item Weight: 0.23 Kilograms
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • MAX DRAG POWER: 20 lbs
  • Ratings: 4.6/5.0 

Indeed though it’s a little loud, the Abu Garcia REVO STX is one of the most stylish models we’ve seen from this company in a long time. Binary retardation systems( centrifugal & glamorous ) are what sets this model piecemeal from its forerunners. Still, no mistrust fulness. The fact that it’s several ounces lighter is going to make a lot of people happy. The thickets can be a little finical and kindly

delicate to spark if you have long cakes, but this is a commodity you can generally master with just a little practice. However, if you pair this reel with a medium-heavy rod, the result will be a lighter, shorter package that’s great for reinforcement casting or lake fishing.

Still, the REVO STX will take a little while to get used to If you’re new to the sport. The smart thing to make this process a bit brisk is to hop online and check out the YouTube tutorials on how to master the REVO STX and other Abu Garcia products.


  • Right and left-handed models are available
  • indefectible featherlight performance; dyads significant with a medium-heavy rod


  • May Take time

3.Budget Pick – KastKing Royale

KastKing Royale Baitcaster Reel

KastKing Royale Baitcaster Reel:

  • Weight: 7.2 oz
  • Gear Ratio:7.2:1 
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Material: ‎Graphite
  • Ratings: 4.4/5.0 

For the price, the KastKing Royale is one of the stylish values on our list of the commodity that fishing suckers of all make and models should be suitable to appreciate. But what defines this rod is its capability to make baitcasting fun and easy for new druggies or people just getting into the sport. As you can imagine, not everyone wants to chopsticks out four hundred bucks for a reel they’ve no idea how to use. But because this is cheap doesn’t mean you have to settle for any kind of drop in quality.

The binary retardation system is absolutely top of the line. When paired with the the7.01 gear rate, you have a budget-position bait caster that’s still tournament ready for the more educated druggies. Of course, you’ll have to accept a certain degree of wear and tear and gash. It isn’t the sturdy or strong reel on our list, so people who use it every weekend should only anticipate getting a couple of seasons out of it before seeking relie


  • Excellentperformance for a budget- position bait casting reel
  • veritably easy to use and understand


  • Not as durable as more precious reels

4.Ultralight Baitcast Fishing Reel – Piscifun Phantom

Piscifun Phantom Baitcaster Reel

Piscifun Phantom Baitcaster Reel:

  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces
  • Hand: Right Hand
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Ratings: 4.4/5.0 

Several effects about the Piscifun Phantom impress us when you factor in the affordable price point. The left plate offers easy open access to the binary retardation system. The glamorous boscage is 0- 10, and the centrifugal boscage is of 6-leg construction, which is about as good as the retardation systems on KastKing or Aby Garcia. The intertwined star drag clicker system is unexpectedly made of aluminum, which is no mistrustfulness where this reel gets its ” ultralight ” designation.

It is in addition to the ultralight carbon handle( super sturdy) and high-viscosity EVA froth grips. All by each, it’s a super comfortable reel with some emotional performance factors. Our platoon had a hard time deciding between the Piscifun Phantom and the KastKing Royale when trying to decide on our budget pick, but since this is many bucks more than the KastKing, you will decide for us. Still, this little reel is way more high-quality than it has any right to be, considering the price.


  • Sturdy for an ultralight reel( aluminum & carbon construction)
  • Braking system just as advanced as other, more precious brands


  • further counterreaction, especially with heavier wiles

5.Best Casting Distance on a Baitcast Reel – Daiwa Coastal

Daiwa Coastal Baitcaster Reel

Daiwa Coastal Baitcaster Reel:

  • Weight: ‎0.51 Pounds
  • Hand: ‎Left Hand
  • Bearings: Aluminum
  • Material: ‎Synthetic
  • Ratings: 4.6/5.0 

It has been a long since we’ve been suitable to take a Daiwa out on the water. However, it was one of the old Pro reels from Daiwa that we can last recall, which we loved their capability to handle a different array of ploy weights and lure types If we’re flashing back rightly. Like so numerous of us still, we switched to Shimano about a decade ago

and haven’t looked back. The Daiwa Coastal, still, is shaping up to be a big comeback for Daiwa. It is a super-smooth reel that performs as if it’s in an entirely different class, but in actuality, it’s reasonably priced.

The glamorous cast control is hands-down the intelligent thing about this reel, and it’s how the Coastal can give support for both light and heavy lures and wiles. It’s so easy to control that it’s getting to the point where we can fluently see streamlining all our old Shimano equipment to Daiwa over time, especially if they keep up this kind of quality.


  • stupendous magnetically- controlled cast system allows for all feathers of wiles & lures
  • Not too precious


  • It needs to be gutted andre-greased before use

6.Best of the Rest – Penn Squall LevelWind

Penn Squall LevelWind Baitcaster Reel:

  • Weight: ‎476 Grams
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Style: ‎Squall Ii Level Wind 
  • Ratings: 4.6/5.0 

Not everybody fishes with Penn gear, but we’ve noticed that the folks who do tend to be veritably pious to the brand. It is presumably because Penn presently makes some of the most dependable gear for live bait fishing, and the Squall Level Wind( LW) is an excellent representation of that. This model is particularly well suited for fillers, which could help level the reclamation line, as there’s some automatic functionality then.

The tactile sense of distance from the clicking detents might be annoying to some new druggies. Still, it’s an excellent, sensitive-based way to know how important you’re letting out, especially with vampire fishing, where the Game’s name lets line out and bring it back in. The Penn Level Wind is a beautiful-looking reel that’s relatively enough priced as a great performance reel that should accommodate any skill position. Still, you will need to fully use a more precious braided line to take advantage of the drag capabilities.


  • Overall great functionality
  • The conventional design makes it easy for everyone to use


  • The stylish drag capability requires a pleated line, which can get precious.

7.Lew’s Custom Speed Spool Baitcast Reel – Stylish Saltwater Baitcaster.

Lew's Custom Inshore Speed Spool Baitcast Reel

‎Lew’s Custom Inshore Speed Spool Baitcast Reel:

  • Size:‎ ‎7.5:1 / 30”
  • Hand: ‎Left Hand
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Ratings: 4.7/5.0 

Lew’s Custom Speed Spool Baitcast Reel is necessary while agitating the reels falling in the class of the stylish saltwater baitcasting reels.

This baitcasting reel is unstoppable in features like tone-draining anchorages, featherlight yet robust construction design, and a primarily ergonomic handle. This saltwater baitcasting reel has been in my use, and I must respect it for its peerless continuity.

The frame of Lew’s Custom is manufactured with a unique design containing tone- drainage anchorages. As a result of these anchorages, you won’t see this reel showing any signs of erosion.

Also, another oneness of this frame lies in the ultra-expensive quality aluminum construction. In addition, the manufacturers have espoused a more robust yet featherlight material for side plates. Especially the side plates are made with C45 carbon for the handle and graphite for the palming off the side plate.

Another smart thing that I love about Lew’s Custom is its spool. It’s made with a 32 mm spool comprising ultra-expensive quality aluminum material. To add strength, the company has used the twice anodized type.

The gears of this saltwater baitcasting reel are manufactured with advanced-strength brass material. Also, the perfect cuts on this reel are excellent and give you high performance whenever you use it.


  • Premium quality pristine sword comportments
  • Sturdy gear system
  • Minimal reactions


  • Drag needs smoothness

8.Piscifun Alijoz 300 – Saltwater Baitcasting reel

Piscifun Alijoz Baitcasting Reels 

Piscifun Alijoz Baitcasting Reels :

  • Style:‎ Gray & Golden – 8.1:1 
  • Hand: Right Hand
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Ratings: 4.5/5.0 

Piscifun Alijoz 300 Saltwater Baitcasting reel has a special place in the fishing tackle of professional fishers because it offers a combination of unique features like aluminum and new sword grounded construction, excellent continuity, and featherlight design.

That’s why it won’t be wrong to call it one of the stylish saltwater baitcasting reels. Piscifun Alijoz comes with right-handed exposure, so enjoy catching the giant fish.

The stylish point associated with the Piscifun Alijoz is its peerless continuity. Thanks to the company of this baitcasting reel for making it with the decoration duality aluminum-grounded frame.

Also, they’ve used aluminum for the gear side plate. Similar construction ensures catching large-sized brackish fish with ease. Despite similar excellent construction, the makers of this reel haven’t compromised the featherlight character. This reel weighs only7.2 pounds. It has an emotional gear rate of5.8 and8.11.

Still, we also have some good news for you. Suppose you’re wondering about the line capacity of the Piscifun Alijoz. This saltwater baitcasting reel offers a line capacity of 190 yards/ 15 lbs.

The exception to these features, this reel is emotional in the drag force reaching up to 33 pounds. The handle of this reel is of the HUGE Hamai cut comprised of brass material.

Thus, you can imagine the strength and power of this reel from similar excellent drag specifications.


  • Remarkable line capacity
  • largely ergonomic handle
  • Smoother casting


  • Constant oiling needed

Still, we also have some excellent news for you, If you want to do saltwater fishing with the stylish baitcasting reel. Piscifun Alijoz contains many features, from durable construction to ergonomic running.

Once you use this fantastic baitcasting reel, it’ll induce smoother and more accurate results. Thus, we explosively recommend you to go for this fantastic reel.

9.KastKing Kapstan Elite Size 300

KastKing Kapstan Elite Size 300 reel 

‎KastKing Kapstan Elite Size 300 reel :

  • Weight:‎ 10.8 OZ
  • Hand: Right Hand
  • Bearings: Stainless Steel
  • Ratings: 4.6/5.0 

KastKing Kapstan Elite Size 300 reel has bettered the request- good contenders because it’s remarkable in the gear system, featherlight design, and excellent drag force. That’s why we call it one of the stylish saltwater baitcasting reels.

I’ve been using this baitcasting reel for quite some time, and I must admit that I love this reel for the stronger spool made with ultra-expensive quality CNC aluminum.

Still, also you’ll be glad to learn that it has 35 pounds of drag force if you’re wondering about the drag force of KastKing Kapstan. Thus, casting larger fish is no more a dream if you get this baitcasting reel. This saltwater reel offers you 230 yards/ 14 pounds in line capacity.

At the same time, the weight of this fantastic baitcasting reel is only0.68 pounds. It has a handle with a primarily ergonomic design. So, these characteristics of the featherlight and ergonomic design will enable you to use it for numerous hours.

Another stylish point associated with the KastKing Kapstan is its larger capacity. Thanks to the company of this reel for making it with the primarily finagled design for casting.

So, it’s time to hunt your favorite bass, salmon, pike, and muskie with this fantastic reel. The handle of this excellent reel is5.1 elevation and made with ultra-expensive quality aluminum. Also, the manufacturers have handed this handle the EVA grips to conduct great comfortability as you grope


  • Smoother and continued operation
  • Excellent drag force
  • Anchorages with the tone- drainage capability


  • low drag controls

It’s time to make true your dream of catching the larger and rare fish with the stylish baitcasting reel. We’re indicating towards the KastKing Kapstan.

This baitcasting reel is an excellent choice because it’s ergonomic mainly and offers exceptional continuity and drag force. However, you’ll thank us latterly for this suggestion, If you decide to invest your plutocrat in this reel.

Buying guide:

Bait casting is a whole new ballgame when it comes to fishing. The fresh weight of live bait or massive lures and wiles can fully define what a trawler needs out of their outfit, and an essential piece of outfit, hands down, would be the reel.

Baitcaster Reel Close Up View

Baitcaster reels can hold different lines and have a smoother drag than traditional reels, and be sure they’re the only option for deep ocean fishing where a longer, more robust line is an absolute necessity.

Still, if you’re looking for a new saltwater fishing reel, you’ve come to the right place. But if none of the six models we reviewed is doing the trick for you, you might need to step out into the digital world and do some digging.

They are some of the effects we consider when making our companions. Hopefully, they will help you along your shopping trip!

Drag Systems

Regarding fishing, the term drag refers to the reel’s capability to let the line out of the reel without placing too significant stress on the line. It is essential when battling a fish in the ocean because if you want to help your line from snapping, you will need a dependable way to relieve that pressure. The stylish baitcasting reels are designed with drag systems that can be acclimated presently by turning a clump on the reel. It means that the stoner can make real-time opinions about how vital drag is necessary to bring the fish in.

There’s some disagreement about how loud a reel should be, and the concept of drag heavily influences this. Some fillers prefer a louder, more sensitive-apparent system of judging how important a line is going out, which is why reels make that hand ” clicking ” sound in the first place. Still, it’s possible to get baitcasting reels that are much further silent for people who prefer it.

Gear rate

A reel’s gear rate is one of the essential factors in how it performs with different fishing kinds. Because of this, it’s one of the most advertised features when looking at a package or an online product description.

To put it simply, a reel’s gear rate measures the important line it brings in for each complete turn of the reel handle. A low gear rate will bring in a lower line per turn, and a high gear rate will bring in a further line per turn.

Reel Gear rate

High gear rate rods( like the Shimano Curado K with an a8.51 rate) allow the trawler to bring in different lines in a shorter quantum of time, which is necessary when battling big fish in the deep ocean, and bringing them by snappily is the name of the Game.

Reels with a lower gear rate are closer to 31 or 41, but these rates would be ineffective for saltwater fishing. The minimal gear rate you want to look for on a baitcaster is about 61.

Line Capacity

It makes sense that the more considerable the body of water is, the different lines you might need to bring in that fish you have been battling successfully. Saltwater fishing requires longer reels than lake fishing or creek fishing, generally by a significant quantum. It makes the reels larger, heavier, and more complicated than their lower counterparts. Still, it’s further than worth it when you consider the quantum of redundant lines you’re getting in return.

An extensive line capacity is also preferred for saltwater fishing because it can cover you in the case of a linebreak. However, rigging the whole line is brisk if you snap a line while the commodity is on the hook. Suppose you have enough line still on the spool.


When it comes to baitcasting reels, you can look for both low and round-profile reels.

Baitcaster Reel Close Up View

Low Profile Baitcaster reels are designed for anglers with more control over their bait line for lower fish species, like those you would find when fumbling off the reinforcement or a pier.

Round Profile Baitcaster reels are better for coastal fishing and much larger fish species. The round profile allows the stoner to have further influence over the rod and better control for larger, more violent fish battles. Generally speaking, round profile reels have a much lesser line capacity, which is another reason they’re much enough the standard for coastal fishing.

Overall Comfort

Although this thing might feel clear, it always gets ignored. Freshman fishers see fancy reels with many features and suppose they will be the most stylish deal ever, only to ignore that it doesn’t feel right when they hold them.

It wasn’t meant to be comfortable, but for other effects, suitable?

Still, if you hold a reel comfortable and steady, you can have more precise casts, making you catch further fish in the long run. A delicate reel to hold and reel in might provoke your hand cramping and make you go home without catching fish. Look for a reel with an ergonomic design and comfortable handle so you can enjoy your fishing trip.


Shopping for fishing gear online isn’t always easy, especially when comparing intricate mechanical systems like those set up inside a baitcasting reel. For numerous filers, it’s necessary to pick up the reel, hold it in their hands, and give it many cranks to see how it will perform when they eventually get it out on the open water.

When we set out to produce a list of stylish baitcasting reels for saltwater fishing, we knew that our top pick would have to be a reel that could perform well in different situations and configurations, not to mention a variety of different equipage and baits.

The stylish reel that satisfies all of these conditions without being too big of a drain on the old portmanteau is the Squall Level Wind by Penn. It is the pick of the waste in terms of all-around performance at a great price point. For anything better, you should get ready to chopstick out$ 500 and only see the specs get better by a small periphery.

Constantly Asked Questions

What does gear rate mean?

When talking about baitcasting reels, the term gear rate refers to how vital a line the reel can pull by throughout one full gyration. An advanced gear rate will pull in different lines with every coil, which can be necessary for deep ocean situations where you must pull a fish in over a great distance as snappily as possible. No matter what kind of baitcasting you’re planning on doing( on reinforcement, off reinforcement, etc.), you should try to find a reel with a gear rate no lower than 16; anything lower than that’s further suitable for lake and creek fishing where you don’t have a nearly as important line in the water.

Can you install a baitcaster on any fishing rod?

Baitcaster reels can be acclimated for just about any type of rod. Numerous brackish bass fishers prefer baitcaster reels because they can hold lesser quantities of the thicker line but still be fluently mounted to poles intended for bass fishing.

What kind of line is needed for baitcasting?

still, we recommend that you go with a monofilament line If you’re just starting with baitcasting. It’s much easier to cast than other druthers, like a pleated line or fluorocarbon, because it’s easier on the thumb when controlling the cast. The strength of your line and the quantum of it will be determined by what kind of fishing you’re doing, so it might be worth doing a bit more exploration before you cast off for your future coastal fishing trip.

How frequently do I need oil paint a baitcaster reel’s mechanical factors?

still, you could run into a situation where your reel starts to seize up due to the conformation of rust on the reel comportments, If you neglect to oil paint your bearings. However, if you grope relatively frequently, you should consider slicking your comportments every two weeks to keep your reel operating immaculately.tortments every two weeks to keep your reel operating immaculately.

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