Spinning Reel Parts & What To Look For When Buying A Reel

Spinning reels are considered the best type of reel for beginners. At the same time, there are different fishing reels for different areas of the fish environment. Here a question arises of how to choose the best spinning reel parts.

The Answer to this question is that using a spinning reel is difficult, especially when you don’t know spinning reel parts and how they work. So if you want to buy the best spinning reel for the money, you must know about all the important fishing reel parts and their works.

Spinning Reel Parts

To learn all spinning reel parts, you must consider the article until its end. It will surely improve your experience as well as helps you to catch more fish. We identify some key features of fishing reel parts and their functions according to spinning reels and your needs.

All the Essential Parts of a Spinning Reel

  • Handle
  • spool
  • body
  • drag adjustment knob
  • anti-reverse switch
  • Bail

All these parts are considered more important if you want to know how to use a spinning reel. So let’s dive into the detail of spinning reel parts.

Reel Handle

The reel handle is one of the essential fishing reel parts. It is rotated to retrieve the line back to its position on the rod while making a cast by hand. It must be comfortable and easy to grip. Reel handles are either right-handed or left-handed, depending on the type of reel you’re using. They usually come in two shapes round or T-bar shaped.

Reel Spool

It is considered the most important part of holding the fishing line, but it always plays a vital role in the smoothness of the cast and casting distance. Usually, spools are made from two types of material either it’s been made of graphite or anodized aluminum. Both have their features. For example, graphite is lighter, while aluminum offers more smooth and greater strength.

Reel Body

Housing a reel body means a lot in a fishing reel. They are referred to be the essential component of a fishing reel. Mostly in many fishing reels, the body comprises a support arm, a foot, the joints to the road and the gearbox. Mostly reel bodies are made from graphite or aluminum. And I mean, It is usually preferred for marine water it is not suitable for saltwater conditions because of its heavy weight. Graphite is considered a good choice due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant qualities.

Drag Adjustment Knob

Another essential feature or part of a spinning reel is the drag adjustment knob. Usually, it looks like a dial and is found on the top of the spool, and you may learn how to set your drag according to the line.


Bail is set to be the gate for the line on the reel spool. When the gate is, closed fishing line is prevented from opening from the spool. For releasing the pool bail line is opened. Bayline guides the fishing line back onto the spool during line retrieval.

Anti-reverse Switch

It is the feature of a spinning reel that helps it to prevent it from turning backward. When the entity reverts, which is closed, it allows you to reel in the backward direction. It is best suitable for lighter fish, but most anglers used to rely on the drag system.

Spinning Reel Parts Diagram

Internal Parts of a Spinning Reel

  • drag system
  • Gearbox
  • ball bearings

These are the most important internal parts of a fishing reel. let’s discuss all of them one by 1

Fishing Reel Ball Bearings Explained

Ball bearings are present within the body of a fishing reel. They prevent rotational friction and provide stability during rotation and movement.

 It will help in smoother retrieval action ballbearings, an important part of fishing reels. Most of the reels also have round bearing place in their line four, more smooth rotation.

Drag System Explained

The drag system allows you to readjust the spool’s pressure and ensures the modulation of line pressure while casting a fish. At the same line, it allows the fish to give a powerful run by pulling the line off the spool.

Without a smooth drag system, letting out will cause a lot of problems for your spinning reel; the line could get broken, and the drag can get stuck. All of it releases lines so simply that it makes it harder to set The hook when a fish is caught in your lure.


The gearbox is present inside the body of the reel. It gives different gear ratios to reel for casting a different kinds of fish. It tells us how Many times the bail will rotate around the spool in a single turn of the handle.

For example, in A 7:1, the ratio indicates that the ball rotates seven times around the spool at every turn of the handle.

Qualities of a Good Spinning Reel

A question always stuck in our mind is, what should we look for while buying a fishing reel?

The Answer is complicated as we’ll need to choose we’ll need to select a wide range of to choose one that best-suited reels for our purpose.

Who wants the size selected? It is important to learn the quality of the fishing reel parts.

Knowing all the spinning reel parts will help you maintain your reel accordingly and properly.

The essential things that you should look for while buying a spinning reel are as follows:

Material and Weight

Always try to buy a spinning reel that weighs ounces when you’re shopping online. But when you are in the shop, check the reel weight by lifting the reel in your hand up. Anglers often prefer the reel made-up of graphite because of its lightweight, but sometimes, they prefer aluminum-coated reels. According to experienced anglers, graphite reels are best because of their lightweight and corrosion-resistant qualities.

Gear Ratio

Spinning reels mostly come in two-gear ratios. One is 4:1, and it is considered a slow speed. It rolled the handle once and was used for short-length casting. While the other one is 7:1, they are much higher speed and would be a great choice for casting fast lure retrieval. Rejoice depends upon the way you adapted or if you plan to use the fishing reel. If you are selecting more than one spinning reel, then I must say try both slow and fast-speed models to ensure your needs.

Spool material

Like reel bodies, spool materials come in two designs, usually made of graphite or aluminum. Graphite pools are lighter in weight than aluminum spools and are heavier, stronger, and more rigid. Another thing to remember is that to make a spool easier for a braided line, and it must be braid-ready. For more information about these topics, look at our other articles.

Anti-reverse Switch

The anti-reverse space is a special mechanism in many fishing reels. It helps to stop the handle from moving in both directions. With the help of an anti-reverse switch, the bail no longer moves in a backward direction, even the slightest backward movement, and it will provide you with the strongest hookset. Any problem with the hook set can cause you to lose your fish

this switch is usually found around the bottom of the spinning reel. It is somehow confusing how to use the switch sometime, and people are left confused because of the movement of the spinning reel in more directions. This movement is due to the result of the malfunctioning of the anti-reverse feature correctly.

How to Use the Anti-reverse

As we all know, spinning reels are famous for their ease and versatility. You can hook many species of fish with them. Spinning reels are the best choice if you are a beginner in anglers. After having experience with spinning reels, you may use baitcasting or conventional reels. However, to learn how the spinning reel works, you must know about the anti-reverse. This feature is somehow related to the drag system. It relieved the tension, and you played with the fish.

If you are a beginner and just learning how to get mastery over the spinning reel, you must keep the anti-reverse switch on. by keeping the switch on, you can easily handle the reel in the forward direction. By passing the time when you learn how to use the spinning reel well, you may keep the switch off and then play with the fish.

In ancient times many spinning reels didn’t have an anti-reverse switch. They made their design so that it could cause the line and again retrieve it only with the help of a spool. But in recent models, all the spinning reels have an anti-reverse switch. For the proper functioning of all the spinning reel parts, you must know how to maintain them, as it is important to have adequate reel maintenance knowledge after every fishing session.


Selecting the best reel for your fishing experience is difficult and has become a challenge now because we have many fishing reels in the marking today. Hope this article will prove helpful in knowing how the spinning reel parts work.

If you are looking to buy a new spinning reel, make sure to have a look at our reviews on the best spinning reels under $100. Or best-spinning reels in 2023.

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