Spinning Reel Size – Choose The Best Size Reel For Your Purpose

Before discussing spinning reel size charts, firstly, you should know about spinning reels and what a spinning reel is. In today’s world, spinning reels are in high demand because of their simple and easy-to-use context. In bigger fishing contests, many anglers always prefer spinning reels, Especially For Beginners of their ease of use and their simple set-up. Secondly, these reels are best suited for saltwater fishing. Buying the spinning reel is considered a complex object to buying a new one.

After getting exceptional knowledge about spinning reels, the first and most important thing to consider before buying a new reel is what size is best for your purpose.

Despite all these combined factors, remember using the best reel size for your reel is essential as using the best reel for your purpose. Using the right reel size is more complex than we consider it. All you have to consider the guideline we provide in this article to get the best reel size for your type of fishing.

Spinning Reel Size

Which Spinning Reel Size is Preferable?

To get knowledge about which size is preferable for your spinning reel.

  •  First, consider some points like what type of fishing we want in freshwater or saltwater.
  •  The second is the fish size we are going to fish.
  •  And third, which line strength are you using?

Generally, freshwater reels are smaller than a spinning reels. Saltwater spinning reels use stronger lines, and they always need bigger Fish. They must have a higher line capacity to pull the line when Big Fish makes a long run after being hooked on saltwater species.

For instance, it always makes sense that we also need larger spinning reels for catching larger Fish. For example, if we want to catch tuna, we must consider a reel size larger than 10000, while if we are fishing blue Gill or crabby, we can easily use a spinning reel of 1000 or 10.

The simplest way to get the right size of the spinning reel that you want for your fishing purpose is to consider the reel size chart below and find out which reels are best suited for you.

No matter what others say about fishing reel sizes, there is always a big difference between the sizes of reels you want to fish, and yes, size matters. If you get the wrong size, you will struggle all the time, but if you get the right size, you will get the sweets tackle.

Considering the best size for your reel experience level also matters, as smaller reels can handle them without any experience level. Still, if we are going to work with the bigger reel, they take more work to handle. It requires longer, and more lines have your casting techniques, and they are more specialized than the smallest you need a reel that will take several boxes and give you the experience in different ways. The biggest tree of about 6000 would only be suitable for some Fish, like 2000 too small to tackle with the Bigger Fish. If you want to deal with the middle kind of Fish, you must go between the middle.

After discussing the size and experience level, the rod of your reel also matters. It’s simple if you want to fish with small reels, you will always need small rods, but if you want to deal with big rods, you will always need a big reel. As we know, catfishing always needs stronger Gear to deal with it, so the gear includes the rod and the reel. So for that purpose, always pick a reel that perfectly fits your rod.

After there, we have decided what we want to try and catch, but having rod and reel, we should match all of the above things. You considered what kind of line you are going to fish and what’s your choice of line. Remember, bigger species always need thicker lines, while a small face needs a very fine line. If you are supposed to catch big fish or make a longer cast, you must have a bigger spool or reel to give a thicker line.

Spinning Reel Size Described

Spinning reel size are difficult to explain as they come in two different classifications according to the manufacturers. Some manufacturers modify the reel sizes starting from 10, 20, and 30, while others describe manufacturer rules with the sizes of 1000 and 3000, but everything is clear.

These two systems are the same: an instant, a reel size of 10 is equal to a reel size of 1000, a reel size of 35 is equal to a reel size of 3500, and so on. All you need to do here is consider the first two digits of the reel size without worrying about the zeros behind these two words. All of them are the same for all types of models of spinning reels.

Small-Size Spinning Reels

Small-size spinning is used to start from several 1000 to 3500. These numbers gradually increase with the increase of digits Getting higher. The smallest spinning reel on the market is 1000, and it is manufactured as a 4 to 8-pound braided line for a 2 to 4-pound monofilament line for Lake stream’s small slow-moving rivers and backwaters. They are perfect for Pan fishing trout crappie or perch.

The second size starts from the 2000 series, and they are used for having your lines like four to six-pound mono or 5 to 10 braided. These reel size is perfect for working with a light waited for 6 to 7 Foot rod. These reels are a good choice for soft heating species; lighter but stronger reels produce their light touch.

For working best in Trout in rivers and lakes, are reel size of 2500 is considered best it is used by many crack or flood fishermen. These reels usually carry 5 to 8-pound mono rating lines and 5 to 12-pound braided lines, and these reel series are expectedly best for hooking larger Fish.

After 1000 and 2000 series 10 feet long, the minimum recommended reels are 3000 series. They are best to work with 10-pound mono ratings, and 15 Pounds braided lines as these lines make them perfect for surf fishing, and anglers would surely enjoy the experience of light fishing with the help of these 3000 series spinning reels.

To catch heavier lines like cat fashion salt, what spaces 3500 size reels are best? Please, reels have a larger School, as it will help in long-range casting. No doubt this is the reel thing to try and enjoy.


As the name of the medium series suggests, these reels are perfect for medium-sized fishing. They’re perfectly suited with 7 to 8-foot range rays of about 30 pounds and work perfectly with 10 to 2 five-braided lines and 8 to 14 monofilament lines. First of these reasons are also sometimes used for heavier freshwater applications.

Large Sized

No doubt 7000 Series provides the best experience in the Great Lakes. They are about the limit of freshwater facing 7000 Series and above, ideal for heavy surf fishing take, and we used the rocks. It runs perfectly, matches with 20-pound mono lines and 40 on braided lines that help you to run long in the race, and when the trophy deep sea species large size spinning reuse is best fitted with 12 feet of the rod.

The 7000 8000 series can easily manage the weight of about 50 pounds of braided line. These reels are favourite for Salmon fishing 8000 series drill easily manages 50 found off the braided line that works best with an 8 to 12-foot rod. This 8 to 12-foot rod will give them a larger line capacity and enable them to long cast to the angler to sing the Apple with the larger Fish running on the drag.

Above 8000 and 7000 species, there is the best reel of the 9000 series that can easily handle the 60-pound test weight of heavyweight lines of credit. This reel gives me a stronger drag, which can easily bring the monster to you.

Overview of All Sizes

After explaining all these three sides is important to know which size you choose. Many times when I met an angular, they were always interested in a variety of Fish. They always wanted to cast the biggest day and have access to the table. If you are working with blue colour bats from a local freshwater lake, then the 3000 reels will be perfect for you.

Still, for spots in client test your skills saltwater angler and large catfish, you are underpowered with 3000, so you must move on to further some higher is, like 4000 5000. They can give much Pan fish, and you can easily get more fish weighing about 30 pounds. The 4000 and 5000 will also law you to hook with surf rocks and break walls.

But if you want to catch a class of drum, red fish, blue fish, and tribals, medium size fishing reels are best for this purpose. They will provide you with great sports and applications. But obviously, if you want to get your class of wish exclusively, think about the table for working with the Blue Water hunting mackerel tuner starfish, then get big is spinning reels.

You can afford three sizes; moreover, three types of spin reels are perfect for starting this. For a, 3000 will be perfect for ensuring fresh, and salt 5000 for sir free a to 10000 will get some pretty backlight.

Spinning Reel With Rods

After knowing about the type of rails in which reel is perfect for you here, another question arises which rod is perfectly fitted with the type of spinning reel have

When buying a new rod first thing to consider is the manufacturer’s ratings about the rod. Consider the marking details engraved on the rod, like rod length and strength of the line.

Using that line weight, you can dance select the table to choose the right side. as an example, if we say that we are going for Rock fishing or soft fishing and are rod has a 10 to 20 braided rating, then we must look for a reel of 5000 series it with perfect pair with your rod. Still, if you are working with your voting fish what you know and have a fish and your rod rating is 10 to 20000, then the ideal size will be 10000 +.

Spinning Reel for Bass Fishing

The spinning reel for bass fishing depends on the type of fishing and the size you want to throw your lure. But it is somewhere between 2500 for the lower end and 4000 for higher-end lines, and they are considered best for bass fishing.

Spinning Reel for Surf Fishing

Surf fishing depends upon a stronger line and fishing rod to cast long distances. The thing you have to consider there is to pair the higher lb holding rod with the high-quality surfing rods. Another thing to consider here is the material of the reel, so choose a brand manufactured with durable stainless steel ball bearings.

How to Know What Size to Buy

The thing to consider here is the type of rods you are using. Does it fit in your hand? Is it lightweight or heavyweight enough to catch a fish?

When you get the answers to all these questions, then come your financial budget and your financial research that suits your budget.

Final Verdict

You are selecting a spinning reel is a simple process. All you have to consider is what kind of rod you have, the type of lure you want to fish, and where to get them. Three thousand-sized reels somehow get you away, but sizes between 4000 and 5000 are perfect for 90% of your fishing experience. What size of the reel is ideal for your fishing experience? It will be clear after reading this article.

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